Saturday, January 31, 2009

Crochet Chihuahua/puppy sweater


You may not sell this pattern! It is mine and I wrote it out to help people with small dogs because it is hard to find clothes for dogs this tiny. You may modify this pattern to fit your dog. You may link to it but not copy and paste the pattern on other sites.
This is the second pattern I write out. I have corrected some errors, but there may still be some.

Hopefully this will be useful to someone with a small dog!

materials used
g size hook
worsted weight varigated yarn

main sweater:

~chain 39 and join with sl st at the first chain.

round 1: ch 1. sc in same ch as sl join and in every stitch around (39)

rnd 2: mark where first stitch is and continue single crocheting without a slip stitch for second round. if you like, you can join, but i didn't cause i don't like the seam thing that slip stitch leaves. (39)

rnd 3: sc in the next 3 sc, chain 10, skip next 9 sc's and sc in the next st. sc in the next 14 sc's. ch 10 skip next 9 sc's and sc in the next st. sc in the next 2 sc and start new round (39)

rnd 4: sc in the next 3 sc's, sc 9 around ch 10 sp, sc in 15 sc's, sc 9 around ch 10 sp, sc in next 2 sc's. (39)

rnd 5- 21: sc in each sc around (39)

bind off when it is the desired length. 21 rounds should be around the right length if you want it shorter or longer, just add more rows. if it is too small, you could go up a hook size or do HDC's instead of SC's.

optional hood:
i wanted a hood on mine, i was just making this as i went so, it came out pretty loose.

row 1: attach yarn with a sc at 4 loops into the arm hole area at the top of the sweater. sc in the next 23 st's. ch 1 turn.

row 2-12: sc in every sc. ch 1. turn

row 13: sc in next 6 st, dec, sc in next 7 st, dec, sc in next 6 st. ch 1. turn.

row 14-16: sc until you reach dec and then dec, sc until you reach next dec and sc in each stitch till you get to the end. ch 1, turn.

this should make the hood big enough to go over your dog's head. bind off. fold the top of the hood in half and sew it together.


Diosaoasis said...

Lindisimo chihuahua.

Andrea said...

Gracias Diosaoasis :)

Melody Strahan said...

What an adorable Chihuahua! Our teacup is just 5 lbs, so it's a little easier, but commercial sweaters are still big oftimes. Thanks for the pattern!

Wilma Dumalag said...

thank you for sharing . God bless

Georgiana Tanner said...

Thank you sooo much for the pattern. My chihuahua is 7wks.old and his name is brownie. I tried several patterns and none were small enough. This sweater with the hoodie came out perfect!

patches said...

I made one, but its WAY to big for my Chihuahua mini. and she's not even that tiny compared to most Chihuahuas. I didn't want to waste it though. so I turned it in a bra, fits perfect :D

tami gover said...

i dont know what all that ch sc stuff means can you put it in lamens terms please

FallingFeathers said...
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FallingFeathers said...

Ch = chain
sc = single crochet
Dc = double crochet
Hdc = half double crochet
Sl st = slip stich
Sk = skip
These are the very basics of crochet. You should look up a crochet conversion chart.

FallingFeathers said...

I sl st around the neck to make it look less raw and finish it off before I put the hood on.
I also attached the left bottom corner of the hood behind the right bottom corner to make it look more professional and to make the hood fit a little closer at the chest and lay down better when not in use. :)