Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Crochet Nose Warmer

Well, I was going to take down ALL my patterns because some people were abusing the terms of use, but just because some shitty people took advantage of them, doesn't mean I should deprive the world of my free patterns.

Since winter is here and my nose is cold, I have decided to make and share this pattern with you all. Please don't try and sell this pattern as your own. Please don't sell things that you make from this pattern. I have put this up for your PERSONAL use. You can make them as gifts, but don't sell them, geez!

crochet nose warmer:

~size G hook
~worsted weight yarn in color of choice (i use red heart)

NOTE: I crochet in a spiral, you can join rounds if you prefer.

~ ch2 (or make magic ring if you prefer)
~ make 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook (or in magic ring)
~ 2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next 2 stitches (2 times)
~ 2 sc in first st, 2 sc in next st (2 times)
~ 2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next st, 2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next 3 st (2 times)
~ 2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next st, 2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next 7 st, 2 sc in first st, 1 sc in next st, 2 sc in next st,
~ 1 sc in each stitch around (20 stitches)
~ 1 sc in each of next 3 st, 1 slip st in next st, ch 50, 1 sl st in next st, 1 sc in each of next 10 sts, 1 sl st in next st, ch 50, 1 sl in next st, 1 sc in each of next 5 sts, 1 sl st in next st

bind off and weave in end.

you've just made a basic nose warmer!

you can add things to it, i put a mustache on the bottom of mine so it looks like a Groucho or Mr. Potato Head nose :)


kristine said...

thank you so very much for this pattern i was looking for it like forever, great for xmas gifts which is what i am doing this year, hats, scarves, gloves and this will go so perfect, again thank you so so much for this pattern

Elfmourn said...

Fantastic! This makes so much more sense than the last one I found and it works up so quickly! I appreicate you sharing it with us!

Andrea said...

Hey Elfmourn, glad you enjoyed it :D I would love to see pics!

Elissa Nova said...

Thank you for the pattern! My friends asked me for nosewarmers for a festival they're going to. I've never heard of them! (I live in Phoenix - go figure). I was so happy to find your pattern. Sorry people have been jerks with it.

GreenLucy said...

Thank you so much for making this pattern. It's easy to follow and makes a perfect nose cozy! I'm a beginner and these are great practice.

Elwood Johnston said...

thanks for the pattern Have a lady that has Altizmers (not spelled right) but hope you understand what I mean this little lady's nose is always cold so I am going to try this for her

Carol Stojanik said...

I have been looking for a pattern. Made them 40 years ago when I lived in WI. Lost the pattern. The one I had was Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.
I am going to use your pattern to jog my memory as to what I did.

melodyqueen1000 said...

Thanks for the pattern, my daughter hates wearing hats but she admits that she needs something for her nose. I was surprised that a good pattern was hard to find, was glad to find yours.

Pammiebear said...

Thank you so much for this pattern. Just made one, since it is cold and icy here in North Texas

Karen said...

I have to tell you....I made one of these as a joke for my husband because he's (1) always teasing me about my constant crocheting, and (2) he's always complaining about his cold nose. Yes...he laughed, but he wears it AND I've had numerous requests to make them for friends and family who have seen it! Thank you for sharing your pattern.

Unknown said...

Thank you for keeping your patterns available for free. I had nose surgery last year and being out in the cold is very painful. Can't wait to make it

Sarah Proudfit said...

I am a little confused.

Magic Circle 6 stitches
2sc, sc, sc, 2sc, sc, sc - 8 stitches
I got confused at what seems to be the third round?
2 sc, 2 sc, 2 sc, 2 sc, Then what? sc in next 4 for 12 stitches?
2 sc, sc, 2 sc, sc, sc, sc, 2 sc, sc, 2sc, sc, sc, sc 16 stitches
20 sc around How are there 20 stitches?

Sorry, I am just confused.

FenElizabeth said...

Sarah, I did 2sc in the first stitch, then 1 sc in next two stitches. Repeat twice. That gives you 12 stitches which is what is needed for the next round.